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Vanessa Hudgens Splitting Up With Austin Butler Over Elvis Presley Role?



? kathclick/unCrazed Composite

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are splitting up due to his upcoming role in the Elvis Presley biopic. 

unCrazed is busting this headline published by Star that claims Vanessa is ending their relationship due to his role.

The tabloid claims “Austing signed his soul away,” and say “he’ll be committed to the project for up to a full year, not to mention months of choreography and prep ahead of the filming in Australia.”

According to the unreliable magazine, Vanessa “doesn’t begrudge Austin’s desire for success … but everybody’s worried Austin’s big break is going to be the last straw for them as a couple.”


We have spoken to a source connected to the production of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic … they tell us that a name for the film hasn’t even been decided yet, nor has filming begun — dates for the start of filming haven’t been decided either but could be around January 2020.

Translation: Austin hasn’t started filming for his role, and rehearsals haven’t started either, meaning he isn’t “committed to the project,” yet anyway.

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