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Vanessa Hudgens Teases Christmas Album & Clothing Line



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The Knight Before Christmas star Vanessa Hudgens has teased a Christmas album and clothing line. 

Hudgens jumped on Instagram Live where she told viewers she was currently in Scotland filming the sequel to The Princess Switch

During the live stream, she began reading out comments from supporters that were praising her work before someone asked about a Christmas album. The 31-year-old then told her fanbase that she was considering a Christmas album, but of course, it wouldn’t be out in time for this holiday season.

As she made the teaser-announcement, ideas of the album name came flooding in, along with another suggestion to launch her own clothing line. Vanessa then grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down multiple ideas that were suggested to her, before revealing that she would be a Christmas album — and even asked artists to contact her on social media if they wanted to collaborate.


She did say though, her direct messages on Instagram aren’t the best place to make suggestions as she can only usually see messages from those that the High School Musical star follows. Before ending her live stream, she posed the idea of only allowing those within the stream the ability to have heard the teaser information about an upcoming album.

Information surrounding her clothing line was kept very hush-hush, but alongside a Christmas album and sequel to The Princess Switch, Hudgens is poppin’ next year.

The Bad Boys for Life actress said, “should I only let those in the live see this?” before saying “if you weren’t here you won’t see it,” which has become true as Hudgens never shared the Instagram Live for 24 hours on her story after ending it.

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