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Vin Diesel Quitting Fast & Furious After On-Set Accident?



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Vin Diesel is quitting Fast & Furious franchise following an on-set accident that has left a stuntman in a coma, according to Globe.

A false report has surfaced by the tabloid, Globe, that has stated after a stuntman, Joe Watts, suffered a serious head injury during the filming of Fast & Furious 9, Vin has gone “right back to the very dark place he was” in when former co-star, Paul Walker, died in a tragic accident.

We reported a stuntman had fallen off a platform of more than 30-feet off the ground, causing “serious head” injuries earlier last month.

According to Globe, “The way he [Vin] sees it, Fast and the Furious is cursed … He wants to shut the whole thing down before something terrible happens to anyone else.” — the alleged insider claims producers of the ninth instalment are “hoping Vin can come back to grips with the tragic event and get back to work,”


Production for the upcoming Fast & Furious 9 was temporarily halted following the on-set accident, and Globe is using this incident to create another false headline.

Speaking with our source, they tell us it’s another bogus story and Vin is very much still invested in the franchise. In fact, Vin wants more spin-off films to ensure the franchise can be enjoyed from different story angles.

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