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Viola Davis Address Criticism Of Her Portrayal Of Michelle Obama




Viola Davis has responded to critics who have slammed her portrayal of Michelle Obama in The First Lady

People have slammed her facial expressions, calling them ‘distracting and insulting’.

In an interview with BBC, Davis admitted that is “incredibly hurtful when people say negative things about your work.”

The Oscar-winning actress asked: “How do you move on from the hurt, from failure?”


“But you have to,” she continued. “Not everything is going to be an awards-worthy performance.”

Davis claims that critics ‘serve no purpose’.

“They always feel like they’re telling you something that you don’t know,” adds Davis. “Somehow that you’re living a life and that you’re surrounded by people who like to you and “I’m going to be the person that leans in and tells you the truth’. So it gives them an opportunity to be cruel to you.

“But ultimately I feel it is my job as a leader to make bold choices. Win or fail it is my duty to do that.”


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