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Who Is The Most Famous Celebrity Ever? – Answered ✅




A question asked by millions on an hourly basis, and we’re here to answer it.

Who is the most famous celebrity ever? — a counter-question, to your question, who is the most famous celebrity ever in the year X?

It truly depends on when you ask as to the results you receive. Let’s begin with the year 1999, where Michael Jordan was at the peak of his basketball career and was deemed the most famous person of that year. Closely followed by the host of Oprah that aired possibly one of the most iconically bizarre Tom Cruise interviews; Oprah Winfrey came second place. 

Do you ever get that cold, sinking feeling? Ask Leonardo DiCaprio how that feels if you haven’t because he came in at third place with Jerry Seinfeld selling us cheap jokes at fourth. 


A human that could be mistaken as been as old as a dinosaur — his age, not his appearance — Steven Spielberg lands himself in one big pile of s**t (if you know, you know) in fifth place. 

Spice up your life because Spice Girls swooped in at number six scraping the barrel with Harrison Ford at number seven. This one’s bound to cause some doubt and possibly even start a fire as Robin Williams, in 1999, was at number eight.

Speaking of DiCaprio above, his favourite singer Celine Dion came in at number nine with another musician… correction, musicians, landing in the tenth spot.

Have you been to the year 2000? If so, you may have come across Julia Roberts when she was the most popular public figure as she snagged the first spot. Duh, duh, duh, duh… George Lucas, the creator of the now Disney owned Lucas Film, that created the Star Wars franchise, was in second place followed again by a now-downgraded Oprah Winfrey in third.


You can run, but you can’t hide in that forest… is that the quoteTom Hanks can answer that as in the year 2000 he was the fourth most famous celebrity ever. It’s Bugs Bunny‘s human friend with Space Jam star Michael Jordan bouncing in at number five. 

Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river of number sixes is The Rolling Stones followed by a solid swing by Tiger Woods at number seven… we know right, number four would have been hilariously appropriate.

They’re back, again. Who? Backstreet Boys were number eight even though they deserve higher, right? Cher landed just under them at number nine but she made Cher (LOL) she was higher ranking than Steven Spielberg at number ten.

In 2001 Tom Cruise made sure it was possible for him to be at number one with Tiger Woods taking another swing at ranking higher on the celebrity-popular list at number two. 


The Beatles squashed some bugs at number three — Britney Spears joined underneath at number four. Turns out Bruce Willis wanted a grab in the charts at number five with Michael Jordan returning for another go at number six. 

They’re back again, again at number seven with Backstreet Boys with their rival boy band striking a pose at number eight, NSYNC. A reunion show is in order as Oprah Winfrey is here at number nine with gib to the son at number ten, Mel Gibson.

2002 was basically a musical… Oops, she did it again, but at number one this time, Britney Spears.

Four… joking, number two is Tiger Woods with a softened lens, Steven Spielberg zooming in at number three with Madonna singing the theme song to his next movie (not really) at number four. Do you two want some chips? U2 can give you five as that’s the number they charted at in 2002’s most famous celebrity ever. 


NSYNC love being in sync at number six with Mariah Carey charting at number one every year at Christmas — she took the seventh spot. Oprah Winfrey is back and we’re here for it. So is Michael Jordan at number nine, and we’re here for that too. Tom Hanks loves himself a box of chocolates when he’s in tenth place, which he was back then.

Pop culture in the early 2000s was very different compared to nowadays. With a lack of social media and only a magazine to view the latest scandal, the world of celebrity held an even more precious aspect in the hearts of many. Fast forward to the year 20… urgh… 2… urgh… 0, we find ourselves wondering, if I became that famous, could I handle it? 

The year the world shut down and we all became bed bugs since governments told us to stay at home and don’t go outside, celebrities managed to keep us entertained more than ever. Scandal after scandal, heartbreak after heartbreak, positive test result announcement after positive test results announcement, the year 2020 gave us all the opportunity to do what the majority of us do best — sit at home, on our phone, endlessly scrolling on TikTok for that one video that makes the 3 hours of viewing worth it.

So, who was the most famous celebrity ever? Or better yet, who did you make the most famous celebrity ever in 2020?


Let’s reverse the results this time. Rocking in at number ten is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as he passes the ball in LeBron James‘ court at number nine. Come on now, have a stern word with the public Howard Stern because you’re number eight. Kicking in at number seven we have Neymar who volleys the ball to Tyler Perry at number six, who then dribbles it to Lionel Messi at number five before Cristiano Ronaldo takes an open goal kick at number four. 

Hitting the racket at number three is Roger Federer before taking a losing shot leading him to w-rapping it around Kanye West at number two who is also weirdly in desperate of a makeup artist for his new music video and who is better to ask than his own wi… sister-in-law Kylie Jenner at number one.

Our dear readers, if you weren’t happy with the results of 2020, make it change for 2021. You’re in control of the top ten. As our great Uncle Ben once told us, with great power comes great responsibility.

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