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WNBA Players Receive Instructions On Brittney Griner’s Detainment




WNBA players have reportedly been given instructions on how to approach Brittney Griner’s detainment in Russia. 

Former WNBA star Lisa Leslie reveals the rumours circulating about instructions players have received from an unknown source about the situation.

Leslie says players were told not to kick up a fuss over Griner’s detainment so she would not become a political pawn between the USA and Russia.

On an episode of I AM ATHLETE, she reveals: “What we were told, and again, this is all sort passed along through hearsay,” she begins.


“What we were told was to not make a big fuss about it so they could not use her as a pawn, so to speak, in this situation in the war [between Russia and Ukraine].

“So to make it like it’s not that important, or don’t make it like ‘Free Brittney‘ and we start this campaign and it becomes something they can use.”

Leslie continues: “That’s what we were told. And I don’t want to say who told us, but it’s been kind of spreading through the women’s basketball world.”


Just two weeks ago it was announced that Russia had extended their arrest of Griner as the investigation continues.

She was initially detained at a Russian airport after customs reportedly found cannabis oil in her luggage.

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