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Zac Efron Splitting From Australian Girlfriend Vanessa Valladares?




Zac Efron will be leaving Australia after splitting up with his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares, according to a false report.

The 33-year-old High School Musical star is heading for another breakup after he found himself wanting to split from “his Aussie lassie” in what the National Inquirer is calling a “summer fling” – this is absolute baloney.

According to a printed story, an alleged source told the tabloid that their romance was coming to a sour end, with the tabloid claiming in September that Efron and Valladares were caught having a heated argument.

They further detail that Zac wants to “head back to the U.S. and attend to his career” and even claim that “Vanessa is just a kid,” alleging that she “also had very big concerns about travelling overseas right now,”


Pointing out the obvious, the newly-33-year-old actor has just celebrated his birthday, in Australia, with his still current girlfriend, Vanessa, amongst a bunch of other famous faces. A source confirms to us that Efron is “very happy” and wishes to keep his relationship out of the tabloid, particularly when it has a negative connotation, such as the National Inquirer‘s false reports.

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