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Aaron Carter Announces His Girlfriend Melanie Martin Has Suffered A Miscarriage




Aaron Carter has revealed that his short-term girlfriend, Melanie Martin, has suffered a miscarriage.

The 32-year-old singer has announced that Martin became pregnant in April but sadly broke the news today that she was under “stress conditions” that contributed to a miscarriage with their first child together.

He explained on social media during a live stream, “She suffered a miscarriage due to stress conditions. We’re gonna give it some time, let her heal and then we’re going to try again. We both want that. I gotta take care of her. This is what we both want. We both were trying for it. I’m just focused on the future and being a dad.

I want to be a good dad. I’m focused, my music career has been doing really well and touring, having my clothing line out, all that stuff I have going for me that isn’t necessarily just music. Family is most important to me,”


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