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Addison Rae Talks Relationships In The Latest Episode Of Her Podcast




In the latest episode of her podcast ‘That Was Fun?‘, Addison Rae talks about relationships and her pet peeves when she’s in them.

The TikToker with over 81 million followers, was speaking to singer, 24kGoldn in the most recent episode of her podcast.

“I go all in when I’m with someone.” Rae revealed while discussing her idea of love.

“I think love – it’s not logical at all.” Responded 24kGoldn. “Love is like, this doesn’t make sense but I still want to do it because I feel so strongly.”


Talking about behaviours she disliked in relationships Rae said, “It’s more like respect. If you know that it makes me feel a certain way if you act this way… then why would you continue doing that?”

“What if the guy you’re dating was like ‘that’s just me, that’s just how I am’?” Asked 24kGoldn.

“Well then how you are is not for me.”


The pair went on to discuss insecurities within a relationship, with Rae confessing: “There’s been phases in my life where I’ve definitely been insecure. […] And I feel like people almost bash girls for feeling insecure. Its like ‘why are you so insecure? why can’t your boyfriend do this?’ […] I feel like its not fair.”

“With liking pictures, for example, that’s my thing.” She added “If it’s a picture that I would, from an outsider’s perspective, look at and be like, ‘that’s a little weird […] That’s nothing against the girl that’s posting the photo, it’s more like I want my person that I’m with to respect me enough to understand that I don’t feel comfortable with that, just because I want to feel like you value me the most, or value my body.”

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