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Adventure Thriller ‘Everest’ To Star Ewan McGregor, Mark Strong And Sam Heughan




Ewan McGregor, Mark Strong and Sam Heughan have signed on for an adventure in Dough Liman’sEverest‘.

Sheldon Turner, the writer behind Oscar nominated Up In The Air, will pen the new script.

Everest will be an adaptation of Jeffrey Archer’s book Paths Of Glory, based on true events. The story follows George Mallory (McGregor), chosen by Arthur Hicks (Strong) of the Royal Geographic Society to climb Mount Everest. For Mallory and his rival Aussie George Finch (Heughan), the climb has nothing to do with patriotism – it’s a test of self.

According to Deadline, filming will commence on January 22 in the UK and Italy.


McGregor’s latest projects include Halston, The Birthday Cake and upcoming, Pinocchio. Strong featured in Disney’s latest prequel, Cruella, and will star in psychological thriller, Nocebo. Elsewhere, Sam Heughan made a recent appearance in the documentary series, Men In Kilts.

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