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Alfonso Ribeiro Drops ‘Fortnite’ Lawsuit Over ‘Carlton Dance’



? ©Benjamin Reed/unCrazed Composite

Alfonso Ribeiro has dropped the lawsuit against the makers of Fortnite and their use of the Carlton Dance

In legal documents, seen by unCrazed, Alfonso has dismissed his own lawsuit against Epic Games — creators of Fortnite.

Initially, he called Fortnite‘s use of the Carlton Dance an “unauthorised use” of his signature move.

Continuing, “The reaction from many players worldwide was immediate recognition of the emote as embodying The Dance and, in turn, Ribeiro,” furthering, “Indeed, by naming the emote ‘Fresh,’ Epic intentionally induced a direct connection between the in-game purchase and the show where The Dance started, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ That connection implied an endorsement of that in-game purchase by Ribeiro”


His case dealt with a huge backlash when his attempt to trademark the Carlton Dance was refused by the U.S. Copyright Office.