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Angelina Jolie Isn’t Doing A Tell-All Interview About Brad Pitt



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Angelina Jolie won’t be doing a tell-all TV interview about her former husband, Brad Pitt.

Let’s keep this short and sweet — RadarOnline have run a story were an exclusive insider has said, “Part of their settlement includes a clause preventing her from directly publicly trashing him, but Angie is smart enough to find a way around that,” and they go on to say Angelina will bypass any agreement by going on TV and promoting “charities” that help women “in abusive relationships… stuff that’ll be indirectly aimed at Brad,”.

Absolute nonsense, and as a matter of fact, a similar story was run just a month ago that said Brad would be doing a ‘tell-all’ interview; both of which are rumours, and completely untrue.

It’s sad actually — the article reads as though Brad was abusive towards Angelina and she will be doing this alleged tell-all TV interview as a hint towards their abusive relationship, again, which is untrue.


Unbelievable fabrication coming from a tabloid that historically holds a reputation of lies and slanderous headlines. It’s one thing using a legitimate source that may actually provide genuine information, which later falls true, but to dangerously lie and discredit an individuals brand is unacceptable.