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Ashton Kutcher: Killer Found Guilty Of Murdering Friend



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Michael Gargiulo, the man that brutally murdered Ashton Kutcher’s friend on February 21, 2001, has been found guilty of 2 counts of first-degree murder. 

A verdict was reached on Thursday by a jury in the murder trial, finding him guilty of murdering two women in California by stabbing them to death.

On Tuesday, Michael will move onto the sanity phase of the trial to enable the jury to decide whether he was sane during the killings.

One of the victims, Ashley Ellerin, was Ashton’s friend; the pair were getting ready for their first date but Ashton was running-late to meet Ashley at her home address.


The plan was for the former Two and a Half Men star to pick her up and attend a Grammys after-party on their first date — Ashton was running late — upon arriving at the victim’s home, he looked through the window to see what he believed to be red wine spilt on the floor.

At the time of knocking and checking through the window, he believed Ashley was possibly upset that he was late and put that down to the reason why she didn’t answer the door. The next morning, Ashley was found dead in her house, lying outside the bathroom with over 47-stab wounds.

Dubbed the Hollywood Ripper, Michael is facing additional murder charges in Illinois.

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