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Aziz Ansari Says He Turned Off The Internet To Improve His “Mental Diet”




Aziz Ansari says he distanced himself from the internet, deleted all social media and stopped using email to improve his “mental diet”.

During his appearance on Sirius XM’s Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart, Ansari explained that he decided to moderate what content he consumed mentally for his own mental wellbeing.

“Many years ago, I kind of started turning off the internet and, you know, I deleted all social media and all this stuff,” he said. “And I’ve slowly just kept going further and further. I stopped using email maybe like four years ago.”

“It’s all kind of, it’s almost like I kind of started thinking about, you know, everyone thinks about their diet and what they eat.” He elaborated, “At a certain point, it’s also about thinking about your mental diet and what you’re putting in your head.”


While he acknowledged that he might be in a more privileged position to remove the internet and social media from his life, Ansari said that he truly believed it helps him “get more done”.

The 38-year-old actor and comedian is perhaps best known for his role as Tom Haverford in the hit comedy series Parks and Recreation. He is also well known for his starring role in the Netflix series Master of None, for which he was awarded a Golden Globe.

Recently, Ansari debuted his new comedy special on Netflix entitled, Nightclub Comedian.

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