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BAFTA Halts Special Prizes Following Noel Clarke Allegations




BAFTA has reportedly decided not to award any special prizes at this year’s ceremony.

The news follows allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment against Doctor Who actor, Noel Clarke. Clarke had been the recipient of an Outstanding Contribution award from BAFTA earlier in the year.

The Guardian published an article containing firsthand testimony from Clarke’s alleged victims. The article also claimed that BAFTA had been notified of the claims before handing Clarke his award for Outstanding Contribution.

BAFTA suspended Clarke’s membership shortly after the article was published.


Now it appears that BAFTA is taking a more cautious approach in its selection process and has halted any awards not voted on by a panel.

“We have recently announced that we are conducting a review of the processes governing awards that are in the gift of the academy, so we have temporarily paused the special awards and fellowships and they will not feature in this Sunday’s ceremony.” A spokesperson told the BBC.

In a statement released by BAFTA following its suspension of Clarke’s membership, the organisation said they “did not know about any allegations” before the award was announced.

“In the days following the announcement, BAFTA received anonymous emails of allegations in relation to Noel Clarke.” The statement said. “No firsthand allegations were sent to us. No names, times, dates, productions or other details were ever provided.”


“Had the victims gone on record as they have with The Guardian, the award would have been suspended immediately. Noel Clarke’s counsel received a legal notice to this effect. It was always very clear what our intentions would be.”

Clarke “vehemently” denies all allegations.

The British Academy Television Awards will air on BBC One this Sunday at 7pm.

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