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Bam Margera Arrested In Hollywood Lobby



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UPDATE at 21:22 BST: Bam has left jail.

Bam Margera has been arrested in a Hollywood hotel bar after leaving rehab.  

He was booked into custody at 2:30 AM on Wednesday after the Los Angeles Police Department arrested him at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset.

Law enforcement was called after a staffer at the hotel placed him under citizen’s arrest; he refused to leave the premises after verbally abusing hotel patrons.


In the footage obtained by, Bam is sat on the floor in the middle of the hotel lobby where he remains seated during a confrontation with the first officer on the scene.

The officer attempted to convince him to stand up and leave without dispute and warned that backup was on the way to assist with taking him into lawful custody, but he refused to move and remained on the lobby floor.

Bam was told by the officer, “This is not a f****** reality TV show. I know you’re fresh out of rehab, so let’s get your s*** together.” — those stern words didn’t sit right with the former Jackass star and he began rambling, drawing attention to the fact he was allegedly hired by one of the customers at the bar’s wives to catch him cheating.

Once he was eventually arrested for trespassing, Bam was held on $1,000 bail and remains in custody. He was checked into a treatment facility but left days later, to which he went and had Kat Von D tattoo Dr. Phil’s name on his neck and thanked him for helping.


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