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Bam Margera Gets Dr. Phil Tattoo Drawn On His Neck



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Bam Margera has given Dr. Phil the stamp of approval by getting his name tattooed on his neck. 

The former Jackass star has been on a social media frenzy the last couple of weeks to get the attention of Dr. Phil, explaining that he’s disowned his own mother due to communication differences.

Starting a video on Instagram, Bam said, “I gotta pay my respects to Dr. Phil … I cried out on the inter web at 7 AM and that very morning his team was there to get me first class to go to LA to get me some help.”


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Respect to dr.phil saying hello to kat von d

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Bam’s tattoo artist was none other than Kat Von D; he visited her tattoo shop where he engraved the words, “dr. Phil” onto the stuntman’s neck.


Part of the process and agreement with Dr. Phil and his team is that Bam receiving treatment for ongoing issues that result in him drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and ranting uncontrollably on social media.

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