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Bam Margera Hospitalised Twice In A Week Due To Bipolar Medication



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Bam Margera has been hospitalised twice in the last wee due to his new biploar medication.

The Jackass star has stated he was sleep walking — a side effect of the new medication — which made him “pass out” and knock his head later requiring six staples.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for the laceration. On Instagram, he explains the situation saying the medication “starts with a Z,” but is unable to recall the full name.

When the stuntman returned home and spent time with his son, he re-injured his wound, saying, “I got karate kicked in a pool in the neck surgery playing with Pheonix with community kids by accident,”


The 40-year-old, who recently celebrated his birthday, has been in and out of rehab facilities over the last 12 months, one stint of rehab was funded by Dr. Phil after Bam appeared on his reality television show a part of an episode.

He is bummed out that he’ll remain in rehab facility Huntington Beach, California over autumn “where the leaves actually change colour,” mainly because he won’t be spending time with his son, Phoenix Wolf and his wife.

Bam was recently diagnosed with Manic Bipolar.


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