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Bam Margera Officially Diagnosed With Manic Bipolar



? Instagram/Bam Margera/unCrazed Composite

Jackass star Bam Margera has officially been diagnosed with manic bipolar.

According to the 39-year-old took to Instagram in order to provide his fanbase with an update on his current mental health status.

The professional stuntman has been publicly suffering from his mental health over the last 12 months; leading him to beg Dr. Phil for help and guidance.

Taking to social media, Bam begged the television doctor to help get his life back on track and provide him with answers as to why he suffers from erratic, uncontrollable outbursts of anger and wanting to be isolated.


On Tuesday, Bam uploaded a new Instagram video that provided his followers with an insight into his ongoing recovery that led to him being arrested earlier last month.

He said, “To answer your questions about Francis’ post. I was sleeping walking and I fell asleep sleepwalking, knocking myself out and got rushed to the hospital with six staples in my head.

I got diagnosed with manic bipolar and they put me on this new medication that starts with a z, I forget what it’s called. It knocked me the f*** out I guess, literally. A lot of people probably thought: Bam’s f****** wasted again. No, I’m not, I’m in treatment in Huntington Beach, I have been in treatment for a long, long time and I’m going to be here for a longer, longer time.

I’m going to miss all of Autumn in Pennsylvania, you know when the leaves actually turn colours and fall off the tree. F****** hell, I’m going to miss all that.”


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