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Bam Margera Threatens To Leave Rehab After Instagram Deletes His Video




Earlier this week Bam Margera went into alcoholic recovery rehab centre, after falling off the wagon again — but now he’s threatening to leave.

The former Jackass co-star posted a video on his Instagram a few days ago where he said, “What’s up, Bam Margera here and I’m in alcoholic treatment centre in the Bay area… and instead of ordering purple lingerie and fingering my a** like Caitlyn Jenner–I have 3 hours of boredom.

I would like to do Cameo’s instead of that so go on your Cameo app; let me know what you want me to say and I’ll be out in a month. Rock and roll,”

It seems Instagram have now removed that video, so in response, Bam has re-uploaded the video with the caption, “Who ever erased this is f****** with my income and I will leave rehab today if it happens again, f*** you,”.



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Fans have now become extremely concerned for his safety and welfare, asking, “how did he get his phone access in rehab?” and “I feel like Bam won’t come out of this alive”.


One thing for sure is the support network he seems to have on social media is phenomenal, however a few comments stipulated that he would only be leaving rehab because “he doesn’t want to get the help and be there for his own son” with another commenter suggesting “that’s a s****y excuse to leave rehab”.

What are your thoughts on Bam’s concerning statement?