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Stevie Nicks Fans Are Requesting She Works A Shift At McDonald’s in Fleetwood



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Social media can be an unbelievably life-changing platform; with all of us connected and available within a few taps away — and it can be unbelievably strange.

Stevie Nicks, leader singer of Fleetwood Mac — if you didn’t know that you seriously need to add a few songs to your playlist — has found herself being the highlight of a Facebook group called Campaign For Stevie Nicks To Work A Shift at Fleetwood McDonald’s which currently has over 18,000 people interested.

The idea behind the campaign is to literally have Stevie turn up to McDonald’s in Fleetwood, UK, to complete a 8am to 11am shift on Saturday, 28 September, 2019.

Fans of the group (both Facebook and Fleetwood Mac) are providing some hilarious re-worded lyrics to coincide with Stevie working at McDonald’s, including, “serve me fries, serve me sweet little fries,” and “just spoke to Stevie, she says she might work a short shift but after that she’s ‘never going back again,’” — our favourite, “Go Your Own Shake,”.


It would certainly make for a viral marketing campaign for McDonald’s that so far, doesn’t seem they are involved with, but time will tell.

Would you be making the extra few-extra miles trip if Stevie carried out her shift?