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Bella Thorne Launching Cannabis Company



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Bella Thorne has announced that she wants to combine to of her favourite hobbies; making money and distributing cannabis.

The actress announced that she will be launching her own cannabis company, joining the likes of Seth Rogen, Dan Bilzerian, Mike Tyson and Wiz Khalifa.

She wrote on Instagram, “I’m developing my own weed brand.. coming up w some names for the strains… what do u think? My manager thinks I should do a strain called Topanga, like where this photo was taken.. what do u think I should call them?”


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The 21-year-old has never been shy about her use of cannabis, in fact, she regularly posts images on social media rolling a blunt and shares videos of her smoking the mostly-legal in the U.S. drug.

She made her career starting on Disney Channel‘s Shake It Up playing CeCe Jones from 2010 to 2013, and was in over 70 episodes before the show was cancelled. She claims that aged 14, Disney almost fired her for wearing a bikini that was too “sexy,” — but that was never confirmed by the company.

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