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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Serve Customers At Dunkin’ Donuts




Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently surprised customers at a Massachusetts Dunkin’ Donuts by serving them coffee and donuts in Dunkin’ uniforms.

The couple, who recently got married in August, were spotted by some customers during the visit. Local resident Lisa Mackay, who was served by Affleck, described him as “incredibly funny and quick-witted.” Some customers also reported that they had signed consent forms for a video crew to film the exchange for a commercial, which is speculated to be airing at the Super Bowl.

Affleck, who is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a known fan of the popular coffee and donut chain and is often spotted carrying their drinks. In 2020, the actor became a meme after he was photographed juggling and dropping several coffee drinks and a box of donuts from the brand outside his home.

Fans on social media commented that Affleck appeared to be “living his dream” and one user even tweeted, “Man needs to quit his job and start picking up shifts at Dunkin’.”


The couple later visited a local fire station to deliver donuts and coffee to the crew, as pictured in a Facebook post by the town’s mayor.

In addition to his acting career, it’s clear that Affleck has a love for Dunkin’ Donuts and he is not shy to share it with the world. His recent visit to the store not only delighted customers but also gave them a glimpse of his down-to-earth personality. It’s also interesting to see how the couple is using their fame to make a positive impact in their community by visiting the fire station and bringing donuts and coffee to the crew.

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