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Billie Eilish Is “Happier Than Ever”




Back in 2017, when Billie Eilish was just 15, she sat down and gave a intimate interview with Vanity Fair. It quickly turned into a annual event, and 2021’s has just been released.

The famous videos which always starts “My name is Billie Eilish,” always take place on the 18th October.

Billie spoke of how in past interviews she gave answers which may have not really expressed her true emotions.

“This is just me trying to convince myself that I didn’t care. I used to just be filled with these inspirational quotes, just ready to go, that I didn’t even agree with most of the time,” she says looking back on previous answers when she said she didn’t feel pressure.


“I was thinking, ‘I’m overwhelmed, I hate this, everyone wants something from me, I don’t have anything to give them, I fucking suck.’”

She also spoke of how overjoyed she was to be able to get back to preforming, after the pandemic.

“I was really just falling apart not being able to do shows because they are the thing that makes me feel like the best that I am,” she says. “I can be in a bad mood before a show and then come offstage and I’m completely rejuvenated.”

You can watch the full interview here.


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