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Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt Confirms Rumours That He Has Cancer




Sanjay Dutt has confirmed the rumours, by the Indian press, that said he has cancer.

The 61-year-old actor, who stars in over 150 films, says during an Instagram video that he would “beat the disease soon” and will start filming his next film in November 2020.

He recently tested negative for COVID-19 after he complained of difficulty in breathing – leading to further tests at Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital where he discovered he had cancer. In August, he announced he was “taking a short break from work for medical treatment” which has now transpired to lung cancer treatment.

Dutt‘s mother and first wife both died of cancer; in 1981 mother, Nargis, died of pancreatic cancer, and his first wife from brain cancer. His acting career was paused when he was made to finish a five-year jail sentence in 2013 after being convicted of firearms offences linked to the 1993 Mumbai blasts that led to 713 injuries and 257 deaths.


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