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Brad Pitt Angry With Angelina Jolie Adopting Again?



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Rumours are circulating, due to false stories, that Brad Pitt is furious at Angelina Jolie planning to adopt another child. 

We are making this clear; Angelina isn’t adopting another child, and if she were to adopt another child, Brad most certainly wouldn’t be furious.

Heat has published a story claiming an insider told them, “Angelina desperately wants to have another child, and is already actively working with an adoption agency to make it happen … She wants to a fresh start and was advised by one of her therapists that adopting would be a great way to move one and mark an exciting new chapter.”

Apparently, Angelina “hasn’t ruled out the idea of having more than one [child],” and the insider went as far to state her six children are “thrilled at the prospect of getting another brother or sister.”


Brad, on the other hand, their “source,” says he is “fuming because he feels like this is just another ploy from Ange to push him further out of the picture.”

They are claiming “he’s scared that the adoption will make the kids want to spend all their time with Ange, and he feels left out … [it] will mean she has something all hers that Brad has nothing to do with.”

Of course, our sources simply told us this is factually incorrect — we’re confident Heat is very far from the truth. This story is false.