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Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Racing To Marriage?



? ©Sbukley/ Composite

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are said to be racing each other to marriage, but this isn’t true. 

Star published a story claiming Taylor has secretly become engaged to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn after she found out Katy was engaged to Orlando Bloom.

Their supposed insider said, “As much as Taylor has stepped back from the Hollywood spotlight recently, she won’t be able to live with herself if her wedding is outdone by Katy. She’s determined to walk down the aisle first and have her marriage be the one that everyone remembers.”

Shockingly, when Katy found out that Taylor heard about her “secret engagement”, Katy “deliberately rushed her own engagement to Orlando.” — of course, that isn’t remotely true.


Continuing their false story, “Friends have told Taylor that’s crazy since Orlando carefully planned his Valentine’s Day proposal, but she’s hearing absolutely none of it.”

The two are supposedly racing each other in their wedding planning, with Star claiming Taylor is planning an over-the-top wedding in Nashville along with “flying in her A-list friends on private jets from around the world.”

A detail that stands out to us here; “Taylor has stepped back from the Hollywood spotlight recently,” — oh, really? So, why has she teased her new single, ME! for the last several weeks, and the fact it dropped April 26, 2019?