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Break-In At The Home Of Late NFL Player Demaryius Thomas




The home of late Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas was reportedly broken into earlier this month.

According to police records obtained by WGXA-TV, a number of perpetrators broke into Thomas‘ former Georgia home on March 13.

Thomas‘ mother reportedly notified Roswell police of potential trespassers on the property. She claimed that her son’s friends had posted several photos on social media which appeared to show them throwing a party inside the house.

Upon arrival, police reportedly observed an Uber driver delivering food to the property and were met at the door by 30-year-old Malcolm Daniels, who refused to explain his presence inside the house.


Searching the property, officers discovered a gun, gun magazine and marijuana inside the pool room, as well as a further two individuals sleeping in the master bedroom.

One of the individuals – Vashone Hakeem Jones – was identified as a former Georgia deputy who had resigned in 2019 following charges of theft and card fraud. He allegedly told officers that he used to live in the property and took care of Thomas due to medical issues.

The remaining individuals inside the property all claimed that Jones had invited them over for a party.

Both Jones, Daniels and a third man, identified as 27-year-old Perfect Robinson, were arrested for criminal trespass.


Further investigation of the house also uncovered numerous stolen items, including an EPSY award, a jersey signed by Tom Brady, multiple guns, a hyperbaric chamber, thousands of dollars in cash and several other items of clothing and football memorabilia.

Thomas tragically died at his Georgia home in December after suffering a seizure in the shower. The 33-year-old boasted nine seasons with the Denver Broncos, taking home a Super Bowl ring in 2016. He also briefly played for the Houston Texans, New England Patriots and New York Jets.

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