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Britney Spears Says She’s Just Finished Shooting A New Movie




Britney Spears has announced her first post-conservatorship plans, and it’s a movie!

The Baby One More Time singer posted on Instagram that she has finished filming her new short film, The Idol.

The title of the film, immediately led to fan speculation that Britney may be involved in The Weeknd’s upcoming HBO drama series, which bares the same name.

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The caption of Britney’s post reads; “I just shot a movie titled “THE IDOL“… it’s guaranteed to have hits and a lot bright pics to put in my beautiful family’s faces!!!!!”

However, according to TMZ a source has since confirmed that Britney has nothing to do with the The Weeknd’s production.


“Our Britney sources say she’s not been asked to be a part of the HBO show, and her team is unsure as to what movie she’s referring to in her caption,” TMZ reported.

“Britney’s been very creative with her social media posts lately, so it’s always possible she’s producing a movie on her own at home,” they added.

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