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Britney Spears To Address Court Over Conservatorship




Britney Spears will address the court later today in the case to have her father removed as her conservator.

Fox News reports that Spears will appear via video link to address the court in Los Angeles.

A court grants conservatorship when a person is believed to be incapable of making their own decisions, both personally and financially. The singer’s father, Jamie Spears, has held the position of conservator since 2008, after his daughter suffered an alleged mental breakdown.

In 2019 Jamie Spears gave up conservatorship of his daughter’s personal affairs. Carer, Jodi Montgomery, took over the role, but Jamie Spears remains in control of his daughter’s estate and finances.


For years fans of Spears have campaigned for her conservatorship to be removed, believing it to be unjust and unnecessary. The #FreeBritney campaign saw its energy renewed with the release of a documentary – ‘Framing Britney Spears‘ – which explored the conflicts surrounding the conservatorship.

In 2020 the 39-year-old singer requested that her father be removed as her conservator. Lawyers for Spears claimed she was “afraid” of her father and would not perform while he remained in control.

Spears has expressed that she would be happy for Jodi Montgomery to be her sole conservator.

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