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Cardi B Asks JoJo Siwa To Meet Her Daughter For Christmas




Cardi B invited JoJo Siwa to meet her daughter for Christmas during the American Music Awards on Sunday (November 21).

According to Today, the 29-year-old rapper who hosted the awards said that her three-year-old daughter, Kulture, was eager to meet the YouTube sensation.

“Let me tell y’all this story. So my husband, he was trying to get JoJo Siwa for my daughter’s birthday party but she is booked and busy,” said Cardi. “So JoJo Siwa, could you please come see my daughter at Christmas? I know you cost a lot of money. Let me tell you something. Y’all rappers don’t got nothing on JoJo Siwa.”

Taking to the stage herself to present the award for favourite pop group, Siwa replied to Cardi directly: “Cardi, I’m going to see what I can do and I’m going to try and make Christmas happen, I promise. Putting it in my phone right now.”

“I cannot wait to meet Kulture,” she added. “She is being raised by a superstar.”

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