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Cardi B Snaps At Fans Telling Her How To Parent



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Cardi B lost it on Instagram Live after fans were telling the rapper how to be a parent to her daughter, Kulture. 

On Thursday night, she went live to explain that she is a good parent and she takes care of her child.

She said, “Don’t tell me how to be a f****** parent. ‘Oh, we care about your child’s safety.’ B****, me f****** too,” — further explaining that she sacrifices a lot to be a good parent to her 10-month-old.

In a bizarre statement, Cardi believes the haters have yeast infections all year round.


Summarising her rant, she said, “I take care of my kid, all the time. I’m in a million-dollar meeting today with my f****** kid,”

Watch the video here.

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