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Carmelo Anthony Joining Lakers With “Championship In Mind”




Following the announcement that he will join LA Lakers, (Read more here), Carmelo Anthony reveals the pitch LeBron James gave him to join up with him in LA.

The two who joined the league together in 2003, with James being drafted number one overall and Carmelo third have only played on the same team during All-Star games and the international team.

Speaking about the conversation during his introductory press conference, Anthony said that his  team mate said, “‘Yo, the time is now. I want you. We got to make this happen,’” and he agreed the time to be on the same team was now.

When the topic switched to the age of the team, the player responded saying, that “We don’t care,” adding that “We make our own narrative.”


Anthony is yet to win a championship during his career but is looking to change that saying the he is, “coming in with a championship in mind,” with Lakers getting knocked out in the first round of this years NBA playoffs the team will look to get back to winning ways.

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