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Charisma Carpenter Calls Joss Whedon A “Tyrannical Narcissistic Boss”




Actress Charisma Carpenter calls on Joss Whedon to apologise following a recent interview in which he denied all allegations of workplace misconduct.

In an interview, shared in a profile by New York Magazine, Whedon disparaged an assortment of accusations, including Gal Gadot’s claims that he had threatened her career on the set of Justice League, suggesting that she had misunderstood him as “English is not her first language”.

Responding to Ray Fisher allegation that he nurtured a “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” work environment, Whedon labelled Fisher a “malevolent force”.

“We’re talking about a bad actor in both senses,” he said.


Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also accused Whedon of calling her “fat” whilst she was pregnant on set and asking if she would keep the baby.

Addressing her allegations Whedon expressed a level of bafflement, stating that his experiences with Carpenter were always “delightful and charming”.

Taking to Instagram, Carpenter rebuffed Whedon’s comments and insisted he should just apologise.

#IStandWithRayFisher,” she wrote. “The “malevolent force” and “bad actor in both senses” who poisoned my feeble mind with trendy buzzwords and corrupt ideas about my experiences with a former tyrannical narcissistic boss who is still unable to be accountable and just apologize.”


The 51-year-old actress also said that she believes Gadot can understand threats “in English but also in Hebrew and Arabic. Possible French, Spanish and Italian too.”


Fisher, who played Cyborg in Justice League, also took to Twitter to denounce Whedon’s comments: “His response to the allegations is: “They all misunderstood and/or are out to get me – also my mom is sexy”???”

He went on to thank Carpenter for her support, branding Whedon a “White male shadow puppeteer”.

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