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Chester Bennington Left His Family Over $8 Million In Music Royalties



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Chester Bennington left his family with over $8 million in music royalties. 

The late Linkin Park musician’s wife, Talinda Bennington, has submitted an appraisal that details some of Chester’s assets to the probate court that oversees his estate.

In legal documentation, seen by unCrazed, his current music royalties are worth $8,140,719 — and increasing by the day.

A breakdown of the $8 million:

  • Current and future music royalties are worth $5.2 million
  • The net share of publishing rights equates to $1.5 million
  • Songwriter performance rights equate to $1.3 million

The breakdown and above monetary value doesn’t include bank accounts, miscellaneous assets or properties owned by Chester and Talinda.

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