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Fousey Trashes YouTube Star Deji On Social Media



? Instagram/Yousef Erakat/unCrazed Composite

YouTube star Yousef Erakat, also known as Fousey, has called out KSI‘s younger brother Deji

The 22-year-old YouTube star/boxer, Deji, called out Fousey on social media earlier this month saying, “Hey Fousey, if you wanna spar, let’s go, alright? I tried contacting you — we talked for a bit, and then you just ghosted.

So I’m saying this now — if you want to spar, Fousey — me and you, no cameras if you don’t want cameras, or we can film it — we can spar. I can show you that you’re nowhere near ready.”

Fousey responded on Twitter, saying, “Yo @Deji .. book your flight. let’s get it.” — and now the YouTube star has slammed Deji on social media, saying, “Yo @Deji you’re hands down the BIGGEST B**** on YouTube. All you do is talk S*** you can’t back up.


That’s why your own brother doesn’t claim you. You won’t see me OR Alex on the undercard. If you want it you can get it. Until then, go hide in your brothers shadow.”

He followed up by posting, “and before anyone tells me to “calm down” go watch his newest video. all the man does is TALK S***. non stop. but never and i mean NEVER has ever backed it up. wasteman.

Fousey proceeded to ask KSI to put him as the undercard fight against his younger brother, “Yo @KSIOlajidebt put me on the undercard against your crackhead brother. I’ll knock him back into being an obedient little brother.”

According to Yousef, his own brother then stepped in and told him that comments on social media regarding Deji were too far in the wrong direction.


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