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Coldplay Announce Release Date For New Album ‘Music Of The Spheres’




Coldplay have confirmed that their new album Music Of The Spheres will arrive later this year in October.

Produced by Swedish songwriter Max Martin, the new album will arrive on October 15 and include twelve tracks.

The band also released a new trailer for the album which takes fans on a journey through space whilst samples of the new songs play in the background.


Later this week, the band will be dropping one of the album’s new tracks titled Coloratura. This will be the bands second track release from the album after they released the lead single Higher Power on May 7.

“Thank you for listening, or coming to shows, or any way we have met through music,” Coldplay said in a note to fans on Instagram.

In an unusual twist, the group have decided to represent five of the new tracks on the album as emojis instead of giving them a name.

Fans took to social media to their express confusion at the naming with one fan saying: “Why Coldplay got emojis on their tracks as song names, what am I supposed to call them?”


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