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Grimes Shares Snippet Of Unreleased Track ‘100 Percent Tragedy’




Singer Grimes has shared a snippet of an unreleased track titled 100 Percent Tragedy on her social media. 

In a post on her TikTok, the singer shared a short snippet of an unreleased dance-pop track. The accompanying video for the track shows Grimes dancing in slow motion while she is bathed in a pink light.

Grimes also posted the short clip of the track on her Instagram.

Earlier this week, Grimes announced that she would be partnering with Discord to allow her fans to play video games with her. She also announced that she would be “leaking a bunch of unreleased music” in her own Discord server.

After the announcement, the singer shared a small teaser of another unreleased track titled Shinigami Eyes on the server.

It is currently unclear if Grimes intends to release either of the two new tracks on a future album.

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