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Courteney Cox Defeats Jennifer Aniston During Pool Game




Courteney Cox wasn’t playing around when she arranged a pool game with Jennifer Aniston.

The 56-year-old Friends star went head to head against her 51-year-old co-star Aniston earlier this week and shared the clip of Monica Geller-Bing defeating Rachel Green.

As My Shot from Hamilton blurted out in the background of the video, you can see Cox in a very content way as she hits clears the table of her balls, before the clip shows Jennifer becoming increasingly frustrated.

Aniston captioned the video, “Friends shouldn’t let Friends play pool (especially when they suck),” with Courteney sharing the same video with her caption reading, “I may have had a good night… but could my friend BE any cuter?”


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Friends shouldn’t let Friends play pool (especially when they suck?)

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