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Cristiano Ronaldo Avoids Prison And Fined $21 Million For Tax Fraud



? Анна Нэсси

Cristiano Ronaldo has avoided serving a 23-month prison sentence and will only have to pay a $21,000,000 (est. £16,250,955) fine as punishment for tax fraud.

Only? Well, he earns around $90,000,000 (est. £69,646,950) per year, so it’s chump-change to him.

Appearing in court on Tuesday morning in Spain, smiling, holding his girlfriends (Georgina Rodriguez) hand, Cristiano was ordered by the court to pay the fine after he was found to have hidden around $16,700,000 (est. £12,923,378) income between 2011 and 2014 — lucky escape from prison as initially that was the direction he was heading.

Due to him being a first-time offender the sentence was less than 24-months which means he can serve probation rather than being imprisoned.