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Cristiano Ronaldo Coca-Cola Incident Leads To Market Share Loss



Following the events during Portugal’s pre-match press conference in which Cristiano Ronaldo moved bottles of Coca-Cola, the brand has now lost $4 billion is market value. 

The player who has shared his thoughts in the past about the drinks company, took further action during the conference as he looked visibly confused at the soft drinks being on the podium the other day.

Ronaldo moved the bottles out his way and held up a bottle of water, whilst saying, “água!” 

Since this the drinks company has lost a reported, $4 billion in market value. During the conference the company dropped by 1.6% to $55.22 by the end of the press conference. The companies market value continued to drop after the conference.


Included in the reports is a statement from Coca-Cola,“everyone is entitled to their drink preferences” said the company.

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