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Dame Judi Dench Joins Team Of YouTubers On Zoom Conference Call




Dame Judi Dench has trended on social media several times during lockdown, and it’s because she is amazing.

The 85-year-old actress first went viral on social media after her grandson, Sam Williams, posted a TikTok video of the pair dancing together over a video call.

Once again, this time on YouTube, Dench started trending; well, The Zac & Jay Show, who managed to grab a few moments with the legendary super-actress herself.

In a new video uploaded to the giant streaming platform, Zac and Jay set out to get every celebrity possible in one Zoom call – the title of the video – and let’s be honest, it was a brilliant success.


The duo thanked Williams, the grandson of Judi, for linking them up for an epic piece of entertainment as Dench admits Sam had to teach her the ropes of Zoom before joining the call with James Charles, Keemstar, WiIINE and many others.

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