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Daniel Radcliffe Admits To Getting “Very Drunk” To Cope With ‘Harry Potter’ Fame



? Gage Skidmore

Daniel Radcliffe who rose to fame for his character as Harry Potter in the J.K. Rowling franchise admits he turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism for his fame.

During an interview on Off Camera with Sam Jones, Daniel explained he used to get heavily intoxicated to cope with the fact he was being watched in public.

He explained, “The quickest way of forgetting about the fact you were being watched was to get very drunk… Then as you get very drink, you become aware, ‘Oh, people are watching more now because now I’m getting very drunk, so I should probably drink more to ignore that more’”.

Daniel continued, “It can affect your psyche… There is no blueprint for starting young and working stuff out. That’s why whenever people are having a go at Justin Bieber drag racing cars or whatever, I’m always like, ‘Yeah, but you know, stuff could be super crazy for him right now’” — further explaining that part of the problem being in the spotlight is the “expectation that you should just be delighted all the time… You have a great job, you’re wealthy, you don’t have a right to ever feel sad or to not be excited about the thing all the time.


I think that’s a pressure as well. If you suddenly start to feel, ‘Man, if I am just feeling some human emotion of sadness, does that mean I’m doing this wrong? Does that mean I’m not good at being famous? Or not good at like living my life?’”.

You can see a clip of the interview here: