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Taylor Swift Sues Store Owner In ‘Swiftlife’ Fraud Allegation



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Taylor Swift has sued a small business owner over the name Swiftlife.

According to legal documents, Taylor has filed a counter-suit against a computer store called Swiftlife in New York — Patrick Bénot, the owner, filed a lawsuit against Taylor in 2018 when she launched her mobile app, The Swift Life.

In Taylor’s counter-suit, she claims Patrick obtained his trademarks in the form of deceptive statements to the Trademark Office.

Taylor says in her lawsuit that the computer company claimed in their registration documents to be using the name Swiftlife, but according to her, they were using the name S.L. Swiftlife Computer Services.


She wants them to pay her legal bills and demands the court cancels their computer store’s trademark due to the alleged fraud.

SwidftLife Computer Services launched in 2007 and allegedly trademarked SwiftLife in 2008.

Taylor recently shut her app down.