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Devon Sawa, Star Of ‘Final Destination’, Boards Plane On 19th Anniversary



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Actor Devon Sawa who played Alex Browning in Final Destination tempted fate yesterday. 

On the 19th anniversary of Final Destination‘s release, he boarded a plane, specifically flight 317.

In the film, Devon‘s character, Alex, boards flight 317 — yesterday was 3/17 in U.S. date formatting, and it was also the 19th anniversary of the release of the film — he tweeted, “Final Destination came out 20 years ago today… I’m on flight 317 … 3/17? March 17th?!! What the fu…..” — one fact remains incorrect, however, potentially a typo, but the film wasn’t released 20 years ago, it was in fact 19 years ago. Devon corrected himself, later tweeting “19 years ago.”

Commenters were demanding he “get off the plane” with one follower even screengrabbing the tweet showing at one point the Likes paused at 317.


Seth Rogen jumped in and said, “I auditioned for the Sean William Scott role!! That was 20 f****** years ago?!”

Devon landed safely, for those wondering.

The franchise finished in 2011 but rumours of a reboot have remained.