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Mia Khalifa And Robert Sandberg Are Engaged



? Instagram/Mia Khalifa/unCrazed Composite

Mia Khalifa and Robert Sandberg are officially engaged.

The couple has progressed their adorable relationship even further by agreeing to marry one another.

In a series of Instagram posts between the couple, Robert said, “We went to Chicago this weekend and had a wonderful dinner at Smyth. I proposed to @MiaKhalifa and she said YES!”

The ring was hidden in a bowl of dried ingredients and came out as a ‘new serving’. Mia was too curious and to eager to taste so she started to eat the inedible ingredients.


I told her not to do it and then I put the ring on the finger. I love you so much,”

Mia explained they were supposed to be going to dinner in order “to celebrate him [Robert] getting his visa!” and revealed that he’s stated in the past that “he hates restaurant proposals” and Mia “never, EVER, saw this coming,”