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Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Gets Mixed Reception




Disney’s highly anticipated ‘Cruella‘, starring Emma Stone, has received mixed reviews from critics.

Cruella was released today in UK cinemas and is being toted as one of the films capable of returning audiences to struggling theaters.

The film – starring Emma Stone – has been highly anticipated for its unique take on the classic 101 Dalmationsvillainess, but seems to be a hit-and-miss among critics.

A.O. Scott for the New York Times, called the story “spotty”.


However Ben Travis of Empire, says:  “What could have been a mere IP cash-in instead becomes an unexpectedly cinematic crime-and-couture romp, delivered with the sort of style, snarl and eccentricity that Cruella herself would likely applaud. She makes being bad look very good.”

Cruella is rather weighed down by an overly baggy runtime and a few pacing issues, which means it sometimes threatens to turn from a fun romp into a bit of a slog.” Wrote Patrick Cremona of RadioTimes. “It’s overlong, and perhaps tries to be too many different things at once, but Cruella can still be counted as one of the better live-action Disney films to date.”

“True to form, after a few meaningful surprises in its opening scenes, most of Cruella’s final act is painfully predictable — at least until one moment that’s so bizarre it’s kind of laughable.” Says Matt Singer of ScreenCrush.

Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian delivered the film a 4/5 review, calling it, “extremely entertaining”.


“It’s hard not to be won over by its determination to keep sniffing and nipping at new angles, rather than just trotting along obediently at its source material’s side.” Robbie Collin writes for The Telegraph. “As remakes and spin-offs go, this one’s barking up the right tree.”

Cruella is out in UK cinemas today.

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