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‘Greenland’ Sequel In The Works




A sequel to Ric Roman Waugh‘s, ‘Greenland‘ is underway with Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin returning to star.

Chris Sparling will also be returning as writer.

According to Deadline, the new film will follow on from the extinction-level event that befell the original and sees the Garrity family leave the Greenland bunker in search of new safety.

Greenland suffered from multiple release delays as a result of the pandemic and consequentially missed out on a theatrical run. It eventually released through VOD on December 18.


The film received warm reviews from critics, with many impressed by it scale and quality under a smaller budget.

“I’m shocked at how good this movie is, because on paper it looked totally stupid… Surprisingly gripping and well-done.” Wrote Christy Lemire for KPPC FilmWeek.

Barry Hertz for The Globe and Mail said: “The new movie Greenland will make you sick. And I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Butler’s best star vehicle in years, what could have been a bombastic bunch of boulders is, instead, a refreshingly clear-eyed and compelling affair. One of the best disaster movies in years.” Added Chris Hewitt for Empire.


Shooting for the sequel entitled ‘Greenland: Migration‘, is scheduled for next year.

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