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New Poster For ‘The Green Knight’ Unveiled




A24‘s upcoming film The Green Knight gets an all new poster as the theatrical release draws closer.

Known for films such as Hereditary, The Witch and Midsommar, A24 hopes to add The Green Knight to its library of acclaimed psychological horrors.

The Green Knight follows the Arthurian story of Gawain (Dev Patel), a knight and nephew to King Arthur (Sean Harris), who embarks on a quest to confront the-so-called Green Knight (Ralph Ineson).

The film also features Alicia Vikander, Erin Kellyman, Barry Keoghan and Joel Edgerton.


Writer and director David Lowery recently spoke to Associated Press about his decision to cast Dev Patel in the starring role.

“I was meeting with lots of actors for the lead role and Dev was recommended,” said Lowery.

“I thought he’s going to look really cool, carrying a sword, wearing armour and riding a horse. And I just was so taken with that image that I got hooked on the idea.”

“I was like, if I cast him, I could have this character do anything and the audience will be on his side because they want him to succeed and want him to do the right thing and persevere because Dev himself is just that type of person.”


The new poster, resplendent in yellow and red, features a stark image of Gawain holding an axe aloft to the sky with what looks to be a battle cry.

The Green Knight releases in theatres on July 30.

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