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Kate Quigley Shares First Statement Since Tragic Overdose




Comedian Kate Quigley has issued her first statement since recovering from the tragic drug overdose which claimed three of her friends lives.

Quigley had been hospitalised last week after overdosing on cocaine laced with fentanyl at a house part. Her friends Natalie Williamson and fellow comedians Fuquan Johnson and Enrico Colangeli, were tragically pronounced dead at the scene in Venice, California.

Now in posts to Twitter and Instagram, Quigley shared her grief.

“Thank you to everyone who reached out to me over the past week,” she writes.

“I am still shocked & devastated by the loss of my friends Fu, Rico and Natalie.”

“Words cannot describe the pain I am feeling & I will be changed forever by their passing. Fu was a generous, loving soul. He was hilarious, supportive, and incredibly authentic with the most infectious spirit.”

Rico was always filled with enthusiasm & Natalie was so kind and endearing. They each made an incredible mark on my life and the lives of their loved ones. I will miss them.”


“My heart goes out to their friends and family, and I ask that you keep them in your thoughts,” she added,

“Tell your people that you love them every day. Stay safe. And please don’t take this life for granted. I did, and I never will again.”

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